Plastics and Rubber

JNS-Smitchem offers products and solutions from our supplier partners. See all the manufacturers listed below with the product categories we offer.

Silicone Fluids and Emulsions, Silicone Defoamers, Colloidal Silica Dispersions
DICY (dicyandiamide), Imidazoles and Accelerators, Modified CTBN Resins, Oligomeric Phosphate Flame Retardants
Acti-Gel, Attapulgite, Air Floated Kaolin
Fumed and precipitated silica, organosilanes
Fluorescent pigments
Amine Epoxy Curing Agents, Phenalkamines, Epoxy Viny Ester and Epoxy Vinyl Acrylate Polymers, Multifunctional and Specialty Epoxy Resins
Muscovite Mica
Chang Chun Plastics Liquid and Solid, Epoxy Novolacs, AGE Epoxy Diluent, Amino Crosslinkers
TiO2, Iron Oxides – Micronized, Non-Micronized, transparent iron oxides
HIFILL N®  nepheline syenite, IMSIL® Silica, Minbloc® Antibloc, Snobrite® – air float kaolin
Organic, Shepherd Complex Inorganic Pigments, Aluminum paste, TiO2, Carbon Black, Anticorrosive pigments, French process zinc oxide, pearlescent pigments, transparent iron oxides
Ammonium Polyphosphate, Melamine Cyanurate, Melamine Polyphosphate, Pentaerythritol, Specialty Phosphates for Plastics and Elastomers, intumescent Masterbatches for Plastics
Acrylate and Methacrylate Monomers, Benzyl Alcohol, Melamine Powder – Micronized, Polymer Diamine Epoxy Curling Agent
Dispersants, Flow and Leveling Agents, Wax and Wax dispersions
Calcium Carbonate
Oxylink™ Nano ZnO Crosslinker, Microsun® Nano ZnO for Plastics, Nanosun® Nano ZnO for Cosmetics and Sunscreen, Aqueous Nano ZnO Dispersions
Precipitated Calcium Carbonates, Calcium Oxide, Hydrated lime
Metablen plastics additives
100% Acrylic Solution Resins, Styrenated Acrylics, Acrylic Alkali Soluble, LP series acrylics for PVC free plastisols
Arbocel® Cellulose Fibers, Fiber Gels, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sylothix® Synthetic Fibers
Flame retardents
  • Silicone Fluid
  • Modified Silicone Fluids
  • Silanes
Calcium borate, Huntite, Megasil® Spherical Alumina, Silverbond® M Silica Flours
Blanc Fixe, USP Blanc Fixe, Precipitated strontium sulfate, barium carbonate, cerium hydroxide
Organoclay Rheology Modifiers, Natural and Treated Bentonites
Organoclay Rheology Modifiers
Brominated Fire Retardants, Specialty non-Bromine Fire Retardants
Firebrake® ZB – Zinc Borate
Silica, Sand
Recycled Glass Powders, VCAS – Pozzolans for Concrete, CoreBlast – Glass Blasting Media