Functional Fillers

We carry a full line of functional fillers, minerals and pigments. These products can enhance the physical characteristics and properties of your coatings, plastics, adhesives and allied applications. Some examples would be adding abrasion resistance, gloss control, chemical resistance and flattening in coatings and heat resistance, and flame retardancy and impact resistance in various polymers.

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  • Micronized barite
  • Barium sulfate



  • MicroTuff® AG and MicroTalc® products are widely used in polyolefins for automotive and appliance parts. For blown and cast films, ABT®,
  • Polybloc® and high clarity Optibloc® talc-based antiblocks.
  • Talcron® and Sericron® talc series paints and coatings.
  • Cercron® talcs used in specialty ceramics.
  • MicroTalc® and UltraTalc® talc with high purity required for use in foods, pharmaceuticals and body powders.

BASF Attapulgite produces high-quality attapulgite.


  • Attapulgite Clays – Attapulgite Clay is a hydrous magnesium alumino silicate used as a binder, thixotrope, anti-settling agent, and rheology modifier in a wide variety of applications including water based paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, asphalt coatings, joint and caulking compounds.

Burgess Pigment Company is a leading provider of functional anhydrous and hydrous aluminum silicates (Kaolin Clays) specifically designed to contribute key properties to your final product.


  • Optipozz® – Metakaolin
  • Kaolin Products
    o Calcined
    o Thermo Optic Flash Calcined
    o Water washed
    o Delaminated


  • MINEX® – Micronized nepheline syenite specialty filler for paints, coatings and adhesives.
  • MINEX® IG – Industrial coarse grade functional fillers.
  • HiFill™ N – mineral additive for plastics
  • MINBLOC® – Specialty micronized nepheline syenite for anti-block and improved thermicity in clear films.
  • Snobrite® – air float kaolin
  • IMSIL® – Microcrystaline silica
  • Granusil® – high purity quartz sand

EP Minerals produces CELATOM® Diatomaceous earth (Diatomite/Diatomaceous Silica). The products are used as flatting agents, thixatropes, fillers, and filter agents.


  • CELATOM® Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

IMI Fabi S.P.A. is a large global talc supplier with US manufacturing in Benwood, West Virginia.  Products are available for the following markets/end uses:


  • Automotive
  • Engineering polymers
  • Plastics recycling
  • Antibloc
  • Nucleation


  • Architectural Paint
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Powder Coatings


Carrier for Liquid Additives

Kinsley Materials is a producer of ground Calcium Carbonate limestone products. These economical grades of limestone are produced in a York, PA plant and find usage in many applications including rubber compounding, plastics compounding, construction and building materials, coatings, and adhesives. Various particle sizes are available under the GPR trade name.


  • GPR-200: 200 Mesh grade
  • GPR-325: 325 Mesh grade
  • GPR-6: 6 micron grade
  • GPR-4: 4 micron grade

RJ Marshall offers a broad base of products to both the cast polymer market and the wire and cable industry. R.J. Marshall’s flame retardant and smoke suppressant division, Marshall Additive Technologies, services a full range of particulate solutions to manufactures for a variety of applications.


  • Flame Retardants (ATH, MgOH)
  • Smoke Suppressants
  • Antimony Trioxide Replacement Products
  • ProLite™ Lightweight Fillers

Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC is a mining and milling operation that employs dry grinding, air milling, and air classification process.


  • Vansil® Wollastonite


  • Blanc Fixe – Precipitated Barium Sulfate
  • USP Barium Sulfate
  • Strontium Sulfate – low cost alternative to blanc fixe
  • Cerium Oxide, Cerium Hydroxides – heat stabilizer for silicone elastomer
  • Rare Earths


  • Musovite Mica

Vitro Minerals is the leading manufacturer of glass powders and sands made with Plate, Container, E glass, and other specialty glasses like borosilicates.


  • Wollastonite

Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) produces high-performance minerals: talc, precipitated calcium carbonate, ground calcium carbonate, lime, and dolomite.


  • Vicron® fine ground calcium carbonate marble
  • Marblewhite® ground calcium carbonate marble
  • ATF course ground calcium carbonate marble
  • Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)
  • Albaglos® precipitated calcium carbonate – uncoated
  • Super-Pflex® precipitated calcium carbonate – coated
  • Ultra-Pflex® precipitated calcium carbonate – coated
  • MultiPflex® precipitated calcium carbonate – uncoated
  • Dolocron® pulverized dolomitic limestone
  • Dolofil® milled dolomitic limestone
  • Natural Bentonites and Organo Clays – smectite clays, specifically, sodium and calcium montmorillonites (bentonites), hectorites, and magnesium aluminum silicates for use in Paints & Coatings, Foundries, and specialty household and consumer applications. Useful in gelling, binding, thickening, stabilizing, plasticizing, coagulating, emulsifying, absorbing and controlling rheology. The clays increase viscosity, stabilize emulsions and modify the consistency and feel of products.

U.S Silica is the leading producer of high quality ground and unground silica sand.


  • SIL-CO-SIL® Ground Silica – in more than ten uniform grades, ranging from 120 to 400 mesh in topsize
  • MIN-U-SIL®, micronized silica, available in five grades, ranging from 40 microns down to 5 microns in topsize
  • Sand – Unground Silica – U.S. Silica’s whole grain, unground sand available in a wide variety of grain shapes and size distributions to meet any application requirement
  • Florisil® – highly selective adsorbent for clean up of pesticide residues and color in cannibis oil


  • Recycled Glass
  • Colored Recycled Glass

DICALITE DIATOMITE filter aids provide outstanding performance from the finest to the coarsest grades. These materials meet all requirements for good filter aids including the exacting clarity and flowrate demands of industrial filtration. Even more important, the user can depend on consistency and uniformity load after load.


  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Perlite, Specialty Perlites

Poraver is an industrially produced lightweight aggregate according to DIN 13005-1, approved for use in lightweight concrete as well as ideal for the production of mortar, bitumen-bound mixtures or for unbound and bound applications.


  • Expanded glass lightweight filler
  • PoraSpheres® hollow glass microspheres