Chemical Specialties

We carry a full line of chemical specialties and additives that can help the formulator solve various issues or problems that arise such as foaming, rheology, corrosion resistance and dispersion in coatings and inks. For plastics, our specialty products can add density, thermal conductivity, elasticity, and UV protection.


Dow Construction Chemicals manufactures cellulose ethers and latex powders.

The trade names and chemical descriptions of the Cellulose Ethers are:

  • WALOCEL™ - Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC)
  • Hydroxypropyl  Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)
  • Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)
  • METHOCEL™ - Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)
  • CELLOSIZE™ - Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC)

H.B. Fuller provides highly efficient, alkali swellable thickener/rheology modifiers.

The trade names and chemical descriptions are:

  • COPRO® CP-590 - Styrene Butadiene based.
  • COPRO SP-591 - Acrylic based.

Keim Additec is a worldwide leader in the production of high performance Ultralube wax additives. They are available in emulsions, dispersions and micro dispersions.

Keim Additec’s sister company Silcona GmbH is a supplier of high performance additives for wetting and surface modifications in environmentally friendly coating systems. Product lines include Silco slip additives, flow and leveling additives, dispersing additives, wetting additives, anti-foam additives.

Münzing is a specialty additive company with a presence in over 40 countries. Münzing is a technology-driven organization with an extensive staff of highly experienced R&D and technical service. They offer technical service testing that focuses on solving customer issues by duplicating processes using a wide range of test methods to reproduce the conditions which a coating experiences during manufacturing, packaging, and application. Münzing offers a complete range of specialty additives including: defoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, wetting and leveling agents, micronized and coated waxes, and wax dispersions and emulsions.

  • CERETAN and LUBA-print – micronized and coated waxes and wax dispersions
  • DEE FO® and AGITAN® – defoamers for printing inks, coatings and adhesives
  • EDAPLAN® – leveling and universal dispersing agents
  • METOLAT® – wetting agents and dispersants for specific pigment groups
  • TAFIGEL® – rheology modifiers for printing ink and coatings formulations
  • Powder Additives for Building and Construction

Sotrem-Maltech specializes in the transformation of aluminum using environmentally friendly technology. Sotrem-Maltech manufactures high-quality spherical granules using a unique recycling process for a wide range of applications. Aluminum granules can be made to customer-specific requirements.


  • Aluminum Granules