Our Team

Bob Whiteley
Executive Vice President


Bob Whiteley leads all JNS-SmithChem's marketing efforts and manages our color pigment line of products. Bob brings over 33 years experience in the chemical industry, serving various roles with raw materials manufacturers and distributors.

Prior to the formation of JNS-SmithChem, LLC, Bob served as vice president, sales & marketing at Smithchem & Young, LLC. Prior to joining SmithChem & Young, he served as vice president, global sales & marketing at Ultra Additives/lMunzing. He has also held executive roles at Pan Technology and at Engelhard Corporation.

Bob currently serves on the board of the Metropolitan New York Paint and Coatings Association, where he chairs seminars on Green Technology and Sustainability. He holds an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a B.S. degree in chemistry from Lafayette College.

Our Team